Snippet of Cosmogony Myth

In the beginning, there was a world of fire, and a world of ice. And in between them, a great and empty chasm. The two worlds drew closer together, and in the places where they touched, great billowing clouds of steam rose up, great floods of water poured forth, and in those margins the ice melted and the fire was quenched. Out of this steam and water poured a vast ocean. Out of this ocean arose a goose, large and beautiful. She spread her wings and embraced the night sky, who embraced her back. They danced and made love until her body was filled with stars, until the sky was dancing with feathers.

She returned to her watery home and began to weave threads to build herself a nest. She wove her thread out of fire, water, ice, steam, stars, night sky, feathers from her own breast, all the un-ordered fluff that all things are made from. She sat upon this great nest for nine days and nine nights and laid a great golden egg. She sat upon that egg for another nine days and nine nights, and she sang to the egg, she told it stories about who and what she was, who and what its father was, and asked it questions about what and who it wanted to become.

After nine days and nine nights of sitting, the egg began to crack. And the egg began to shake. And the egg began to move. And another nine days and nine nights passed as the egg broke itself to pieces, bits of golden egg shell shattering to dust, scattering across the sky to join the stars. Out of that egg rose a mountain, the first land. It spread itself out across the water and began to grow and grow and grow. It grew so large it began to break itself into pieces, and those pieces floated upon the surface of the water until they found a comfortable place to settle.

The goose mother looked upon her child and saw its nakedness, and was concerned that it would be cold and lonely. She began to spin more thread, using the vibrancy of the waters and the light of the new moon and sun, and her two sisters joined her in the work. They took up the thread together and they wove a vast, colorful, and beautiful tapestry. And they snipped the spare threads and tucked the ends into place. And together the three of them took this beautiful colorful tapestry and spread it across the land. Wherever the tapestry touched, every manner of life sprang up. And so the world as we know it was born.


(Geese and cosmic eggs show up in a number of myths from different cultures and religions around the world. This one is my own version, from some trance work I did recently.)



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